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24. Februar 2017
Luxury Car Rental Dubai

What do I need to know about renting a car in Dubai?

Driving a car in foreign cities or countries isn’t always easy. We provide a helpful guide so you know exactly how to rent a car in Dubai. Not only the […]
22. Dezember 2016
Charming Road Trips in Oman

Charming road trips in Oman

The Sultanate Oman is a state in the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. The country offers hidden treasures, turning a road trip through Oman into an exclusive adventure.   […]
10. Dezember 2015
Road safety for kids

Road safety for kids – essential guidelines

Road safety for kids is an essential aspect of driving a car. It’s important to secure your children correctly at all times. We have prepared an overview about what regulations […]
10. Dezember 2015
Fascinating sports cars in Dubai

Fascination sports cars – profession and hobby at the same time

The name Al Ain Class Motors stands for the most exclusive showrooms of the United Arab Emirates. We met the man who collects and gathers sports cars as if they […]