Traffic Regulations in Dubai

It is not always easy to drive a car in a foreign city. Often, traffic regulations between countries differ drastically.

Our FAQ about traffic regulations in Dubai will help you to navigate your car through the city.

FAQ Traffic Regulations in Dubai

1Do I have to wear a seatbelt in Dubai?
Yes, seatbelts are mandatory at all times.
2What side of the road do I have to drive on?
In Dubai, right-hand driving is mandatory.
3What is the limit for alcohol consumption in Dubai?
Drinking and driving is absolutely prohibited. The legal alcohol limit is 0,0. Consequently, violation of this law almost certainly leads to imprisonment!
4What do I have to carry with me as an foreign driver?
It is advised to carry an international driver's license with you. To be safe, carry the car documents, the proof of insurance and a passport with you, as well as your rental agreement if you're driving a rental car.
5Can I make U-turns in Dubai?
Yes, U-turns at traffic lights are allowed.
6Do I have to pay anything to drive in Dubai?
Yes, the automated road toll collection system "Salik" takes care of that. At every of the 7 road toll stations in Dubai, a fee of AED 4 will automatically charged to your Salik account. If you are driving a rental car, please ask the rental company about how they handle the Salik fees.
7What about driving with kids?
Children under 12 years must be seated in a certified child seat against the direction of travel, with seatbelts attached and the airbags disabled. Children under 12 years sitting in the rear seats have to be secured with a fitting child seat or booster seat as well as seat belts.

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