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Charming road trips in Oman

Charming Road Trips in Oman

The Sultanate Oman is a state in the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. The country offers hidden treasures, turning a road trip through Oman into an exclusive adventure.


Road trips in Oman, option 1: The Adventure Trip

If you only visit the country for a few days, a short Adventure Trip with a rental car is the ideal choice of road trips in Oman. Start your journey in the capital city Muscat where you can visit the huge Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, the Muttrah Corniche and the spectacular Souk. Choose one of the famous hotels in Muscat, including The Chedi Muscat, the Grand Hyatt Muscat or the Crowne Plaza Musca to be ready to depart on the next day.


The scenic way to Muscat

From Muscat, set out for Sur by way of Quriyat. The picturesque route spoils your eyes with the Arabian Gulf and the rugged Hajar mountains while you’re getting used to your car. By way of Al Kamil Wal Wafi and Al Wasil, you approach to the first highlight of the round trip: The Rimal Al Wahiba, better known as Wahiba Sands, is a desert in the East of Oman. Here, the large dunes are perfectly suited for guided excursions in SUVs. The Desert Nights Camps is located on the northern edge of the Wahiba Sands and offers luxurious and authentic accommodation in the desert. Let yourself get inspired by this special atmosphere!


The stunning Jabal Akhdar

Afterwards, the journey continues towards Jabal Akhdar, by way of Ibra, Sinaw and Izki. The Jabal Akhdar is the highest mountain of Oman with an elevation of close to 3000 meters. Besides the driving pleasure of the hairpin turns, spectacular views far across the country and the top-class luxury hotel Alila Jabal Akhdar wait for you. Arabian hospitality in front of a breathtaking scenery will welcome you with open arms. Finally, it’s time to get back to Muscat after three days of travelling around.


Jabal Akhdar

Picture by Jeffrey Zabinski / CC-BY-NC


Road trips in Oman, option 2: The Relax-Trip

If you are looking for one of the more extended road trips in Oman, we recommend a modification of the Adventure Trip: After the sightseeing in Muscat, enjoy the scenic drive by way of Quriyat and Sur, then continue to Al Ashkharah. From there, you will drive all along the coast where you can enjoy your car and the streets along the Arabian Gulf to the fullest.

Then you will arrive at the Port Shannah, where you can commute to the Masirah Island with a modern public ferry. This dreamlike paradise is perfectly suited to let your soul hang loose and just relax. Only recently being discovered for tourism, the Masira Island Resort is primarily recommended as an accommodation. You will experience a truly calm time on this beautiful island.


Completely relaxed, you will take the ferry back to Shannah. From there, take the Route 32 in the direction of Sinaw and turn right about 20 kilometers before reaching Barzman. After a one-hour drive through the desert you will reach Al Wasil. From here, just follow the description of the Adventure Trip above and complete your dream holidays in Oman with experiences in the Rimal Al Wahiba desert and the spectacular mountain Jabal Akhdar.